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This icon might best illustrate how you're feeling right now

So why isn't all that other important stuff on your hard drive? (I'm assuming you mean external hard drive) I've tried shopping for an external drive myself, it seems the perfect solution to avoid these heartbreaking computer moments, but every single one I look at seems to have the same amount of customers complaining that it failed too and they lost everything anyway.

It could be worse. Your hair could have come out bad too.

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I do feel a bit like mime trapped in a box of my own creation, actually.

Most of my stuff IS saved to my external, but in the case of pictures and Documents and stuff I only get to copying that folder once every other month or so. In the case of iTunes stuff, holy fuck is it complicated. The music is automatically saved on my external, but the other stuff won't save anywhere else but in the My Music folder. Actually it seems like it's saved somewhere in the friggin' ether because when I had to restore my computer a few months ago I copied all that stuff to my external and STILL iTunes couldn't read all the information once I put it back where it belongs.

My external's pretty mag. Other than it always trying to offer me Google desktop, I've never had issues with it. That's my biggest compufear, though: losing all of my music and movies.

We've got our priorities straight. Honestly it's the only thing keeping me Fromm screaming today, constantly being told how good I look.

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Re: I do feel a bit like mime trapped in a box of my own creation, actually.

It's one of the worst feelings in the world, losing all that stuff, and I honestly can't believe a better solution hasn't been invented given how prevalent you know it is. I know you're in on the SugarSync secret, might I suggest using that in conjunction with your hard drive? I put my really important stuff (my enormous cache of sample reports by really difficult doctors. And my Snarry) on their servers and it's been invaluable in shuttling back and forth between computers. I also love that it's backed up automatically whenever I make changes on either computer.

It seems to me iTunes is just deliberately difficult. Whenever I change computers, it's dealing with that program that I dread the most. Who says Apple is more user friendly?

I like typing in your comment box (oooh, dirty?) The cursor is invisible so the letters seem to appear out of nowhere.

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This typing everything on my phone thing is going to lead to so many typos.

Ironically, I was considering doing that just a few days ago, but I am wary of having anything on anyone's servers but my own. Google desktop creeps me out, ferchristsake.

I know. Apple is just so WONDERFUL though, as long as you never ever think about changing computers or moving files. Do you think Mac users have these issues? Maybe Macs never crash.

Fact: that was completely intentional. I like people to feel comfortable, but just a little bit intrigued and excited, in my box.

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Also ironically, you seem to type better on your phone

Yeah, well, until hospital personnel start walking by their Korean doctors in the middle of a dictation struggling to get their mouths to form the simplest English words, and wrestle the phone out of their hands saying, "Hang on, let me", I have to put my trust somewhere to save these reports, because honestly, some of these doctors' reports wouldn't even get done without something to refer to for help.

The smug Mac users would have us believe they never crash. But that would mean they never ever get newer and better computers either. Maybe iTunes doesn't give you the same headaches if you're using a Mac, so you can go on being smug.

I admire the careful planning you've devoted to a layout that hardly ever sees the light of day.

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Re: Also ironically, you seem to type better on your phone

That would be so neat if life was like that. You would be living in an episode of Scrubs.

I don't know how this works. Do you often see the same doctors come up?

Maybe Mac users just get new techno envy, and they trade up before they need to. Much like iPod users do. Man, Apple is gouging us. I wouldn't put it past them to purposely sabatoge Windows users but create a program that transmits everything wirelessly from one Mac to the next.

It took me two days to hand-pick all of the colors for just this basic layout, no joke. That would be silly, but I was actually journaling then. You know that the two or three hours of writing an entry is nothing compared to the days it's sitting in the back of your head, slowly compiling itself.

I'm going to have to join an add_me community. All of my old friends are crossed through. ;)

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Re: Also ironically, you seem to type better on your phone

Absolutely I see (hear) the same doctors all the time. For all their faults, at least my overlords have seen the wisdom of having us work on the same accounts every day so we can get familiar with the docs and not waste time floundering like we would if we jumped around randomly instead.

I considered buying a Mac for all of 30 minutes one day. But I read a sampling of reviews that contained so many Mac snobs I was instantly turned off for good. Plus EXPENSIVE. Jesus. Like their most affordable desktop is the "mini Mac" and I think it only has two USB ports and maybe a plug for your monitor, and that's $600. Kerazy.

Wow. Is Alicia still around? I sometimes think about that girl and where she scarpered off to.

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adorable voice

So I woke up this morning.. you were on my miiiiIIIiiind. -_-

"It's caught the death." lol

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Re: adorable voice

Bet that's a pretty typical morning for you, huh? ;) lol.

Hey, the death is a serious condition. Only slightly worse than the hiv.

What kind of computer do you have and do you like it? I'm taking applications for new ones.

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Re: adorable voice

I has a Dell XPS M1530 and I like it alright. It has had its problems.. but to me the important thing is that it continues working despite its problems. Ha.

I"ve had to restore it a lot.. but oh well. Something screwy happened when I'd try playing DVDs.. well I don't play DVDs on it any more, and I haven't had any problems. Ha.

The battery died on it is the most obvious problem right now. Kinda sucks, but enh, I don't use my laptop on its battery too much anyway. I take it home, put it one spot and so just leave it plugged in. Same at work.

I suspsect the battery died because it won't go into sleep mode and has problems going into hibernation. Occassionally I'd pack away my laptop thinking it was off in one manner or another and then I'd get home or just get to it later and it was practically on fire.. damn thing never shut off, kept running in a confined space and was all super hot. -_-

But it's still kept trucking along.. lol..

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Re: adorable voice

Oh, and, I idly consider getting another laptop.. you know, to just prepare for when it no longer wants to work for me.. in which case I'd probably go with a Toshiba.

I think I saw one on Newegg for 400-500 dollars that was more than everything I could use.

It even has a full keyboard.. which for some reason.. as little as I type numbers, I still really miss the little number pad. -_-


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